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I just wanted to let you guys all know that the GFFA Dreamwidth has stopped being a tail and is now fully up to speed! If you prefer DW to LJ, check it out!

Fic update!

Feb. 7th, 2013 06:08 pm
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New fic posted. Updated masterlist and a post here:

Next To Normal Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson Phil Coulson's baby sister is getting married. He finally has enough of a break to actually go to a family event for once in the last four years. However, his family is under the assumption that Phil has a committed, loving relationship with a man he works with. No matter what lies he tries to tell about how 'busy' his partner is, nobody is buying it. The only way Phil canp rove to them that he isn't sad and single is to bring his partner along for the wedding.

... the partner that doesn't actually exist.

When the times comes, Phil has to find someone to pretend to be his partner convincingly. Working at SHIELD doesn't exactly offer the most choice for someone to convincingly sell a relationship to his family with. When Phil is faced with only one option, he finds himself in a situation he wanted to avoid at all costs: falsifying a relationship with the one man he actually has been hiding his feelings for at work for years.
Word Count= 21,452
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So, my masterlist has been updated to include the last 2 fics I've posted. However, if you don't want to go there (link in the sidebar), here is the update since the last one:

Fic One:
Tattoos Pairing: Science Boyfriends, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton Nobody figured Coulson for one to have tattoos.

(Or, the random little ficlet- it's not even a fic- about the team's opinions on everybody's tattoos)
Word Count= 2456

Fic Two:
Underneath Pairing: Science Boyfriends Tony has always been a drinker. It's never been a real problem, Bruce knows, but it doesn't stop him from hating the fact that Tony seems to never stop drinking. Word Count= 9957
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I'm seriously considering not doing BBB (bandom big bang, if you aren't familiar) at all this year. The last two years I've written and mixed and I LOVED it!

However, not only have I not written bandom fic in MONTHS now, but last year the mods handling of the mixing situation really left a bad taste in my mouth. ALSO challenges really fucked up my writing towards my goal last year because I knew I HAD to write other fics so I shoved away good ideas. I'm doing it right now, I've got a fic due for GRBB and I'm stressing because it's due in a few weeks and I DONT want to write it but I don't want to let people down.

So, as of right now, I don't believe I will be writing OR mixing for BandomBigBang this year.

My friend [profile] breathedeep222 has a fic she REALLY wants me to write that is bandom so if I write it before author sign ups are done I may keep it saved and use it as a fic, but for NOW, I really think 2011 and 2012 were good enough for me to get BBB out of my system. Challenge fics used to be fun but now they feel more like obligations and that is the opposite of what writing fanfic should be.

Sorry if this disappoints anybody!
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Actually it's a


... party.

skdlfjasldfjk;adsf I got ONE fic recced (clearly you can tell which) on tumblr and since then I've gone from having 3 fics over 2000 reads and one over 3000 to THIS!

*le sigh*

Jan. 24th, 2013 05:04 pm
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My internet died last night for a few hours so I had to do all sorts of reboots and cache-clearing and shit to try and make it work...

That's what made LJ stop working for about a week the last time... and now it won't let me post* or comment again. *headdesk* MY. INTERNET. IS. SHIT!

Damn you AT&T for not having internet out here.

*= I'm crossposting from dreamwidth.
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Okay so I got a link to the new Dragon*Con website today from the facebook and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! IT IS SO COOL AND IM SO EXCITED!

To explain, if you are totally out of the loop and don't know, Dragon*Con is the largest sci-fi/fantasy media/literature convention in the world. Basically it's second only in world renown to SDCC. Last year I sat and watched tweets by all my favorite celebrities and whined to my friend Amber about how "EVERYBODY IS IN MY STATE WHY AM I NOT THERE?!" and we joked that we should go next year... and then... we decided that 'wait, we can TOTALLY afford this!' so before Dragon*Con 2012 was even OVER we were working on plans to go to Dragon*Con 2013.

We decided, we searched for the best available hotel prices for us poor, broke college students, we found a third (and fourth but the fourth dropped out) person to come with us, we've made plans for transportation (Amber has it easiest, she will fly in from NYC to ATL and she can take the MARTA straight from in the airport to the freaking front doors of one of the main convention hotels. Alex, my RL friend who is coming will either be driving with me in her car or coming from North GA on the train and I'll rent a car and drive myself), we've booked a hotel room in Buckhead (it's out of the way but it's MUCH cheaper and parking isn't that bad in downtown Atlanta since we'll be getting there at practically dawn every day), we've bought out memberships (tickets), and basically now we're just waiting impatiently until the con.



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So, I'm writing my GRBB (yes, I know, I know, I'm WAY behind!)and my idea is not a SECRET but it isn't one I'm sharing much about. However, I do have something to ask of you, dear friends and readers!

Without giving EVERYTHING away, it's going to involve briefly transporting Adam and Tommy into past lives/other figures lives in history and what I want from YOU is suggestions for points in history during which to set this past bit.

Requirements: Has to be before either of them were born, preferably a time when homosexuality was a no-no, and it can't be a situation where it ends well.


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2012: A Year In Fics

Total number of fics: 44

Total wordcount: 585,436 (just over half of last year's)

Total number of fandoms: Oh jesus... uh... 5 that I've written in, more like 7 or 8 in total.

My favorite story of mine this year: Probably The 8:55 to Chicago simply because it was so DIFFERENT to anything I've ever written or SEEN written.

My best story: I'm not sure if this means 'best' or 'most popular' so I'll give both. Best was probably And The Cogs Fall Into Place. Maybe. Not sure, I don't judge my own fics well. Most popular was DEFINITELY Learning Curve.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I'd have to say The Heart of Lonesome Sky. It did have some errors since it wasn't betad so I don't say it's the BEST but it was a really amazing story and hardly anybody read it and those who did didn't comment or anything. I guess it's just not to their tastes, but I ADORE this story.

Most fun story: Can I say the Straight Boys series? It was just so much fun to write, it was hilarious and adorable and very lighthearted.

Most sexy story: I don't really know. I don't write the smuttiest fics, as we well know. Can I just say Pay Per View since the entire point of the fic is them watching porn?

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: I'm not sure what 'wrong' is meant to be. Does it mean 'most insane'? 'Worst pairing'? 'OH GOD YOU ARE EVIL WITH THE FEELS!'? Idek. Um.... I'll go with 'tortures characters most' and say In The Blink of An Eye because every time you think it'll get better, it only gets worse. That story was FULL of torturing that family.

Story with single sweetest moment: Hard choice but probably The Third Holmes in the moment where John says he's proud of Adrien and this happens: “You’re a good boy and I am so proud of you because I know you got here on your own, basically, and I admire the hell out of that.”

Adrien was practically glowing under John’s praise. “Thank you. Nobody’s ever been proud of me before.”

Biggest disappointment: Oh that's easily my second BBB, What Nobody Knows. It ended up being SO fucking boring. Just absolutely LAME.

Biggest surprise: Definitely how popular Pretty Kitty ended up being.

Hardest story to write: Easily What Nobody Knows. It was impossible to write and it ended up SUCKING ASS!

Easiest story to write: Oh God, Idek. Possibly the Fire Against Ice series. It rolled out so easily.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: I don't really have a theme. Probably... enduring love, I think. Because a lot of my characters this year went through some pretty tough things and came out of it still together. I'd say... Fuck, idk. Probably the Fire Against Ice series again.
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Livejournal's doing that thing again where it won't let me post or comment. (Let's hope this post goes through from dreamwidth)

I went and saw the Hobbit at midnight and AHHHADHfikasjdfklasjdfl;kasdfj;adfsljaskdfjak *dies happy* IT WAS EPIC! That said, the 3D? NEVER AGAIN. Ever. That was just... *shudders*. I felt dizzy within minutes and by the end of the movie I was sporting a rather terrible headache and was nearly cross eyed. It sucked. It was cool but NOT worth that amount of discomfort.

Also I HAVE ONLY STOPPED POSTING FICS HERE BECAUSE LJ IS A DICK AND I CAN'T REALLY POST RELIABLY! I hate to do this, but for the timebeing, while I will eventually update my master post to include them all, I will be posting my fics on Ao3. The link to my AO3 is in the sidebar. You don't have to have an account to read and/or leave kudos so don't worry about that. I plan to finish updating the master post maybe in the next week (at least before new years).

ALSO the reason I haven't been on tumblr in a while is because I'm trying to rewatch Merlin before it ends on Christmas (sobs violently in a corner over that) and I can't tumblr and watch Merlin at the same time. I chose Merlin.

I may go back to posting these update posts via DW crosspost and I may start posting links to my AO3 posted fics to LJ via DW, but for the past few weeks, LJ just DOES NOT work. I can't comment, I can't post, nothing. I may start commenting on yall's posts via my cellphone since it's sort of stupid that I can't comment on anything.
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As I lamented last night about the Sestina (HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THING), I have prevailed tonight! HUZZAH!

I found a website that better explained a Sestina and even had a generator so you could put your six words in and it arranged them and you could fill in the rest of the poem then (IT IS STILL ORIGINAL WORK IT JUST HELPS YOU OUT SOME!)and after my first poem (blank verse) I wrote was 4 lines about mimes being creepy, I decided to keep with the humorous approach (Well, bitterly dark humor because I hate poetry and this class is going to RUIN my GPA) I decided to write my sestina about an english major who dies/kills herself because the poetry drove her insane! MUAHAHAH!

A Student’s Lament.

Never would she have imagined something so good could cause her such pain.
After years of devotion to her subject, she never expected such confusion.
Her hopes of prevailing have dissolved and she fears that death
Could be the only option as her inner walls begin to crumble
As she spirals downward into such depths that she fears for her sanity.
She expects the only option is a search for a means to an end.

She has struggled through and held on until now without imagining the end
Of her rope drawing any nearer. She formerly welcomed the pain
As it proved her challenges. However, she is rapidly losing her sanity
In the jumbled mass of words that fill her brain to the point of confusion.
With every page turned in this dusty tome, her resolve can only crumble
Until she comes to the realization that the answer could possibly be death.

What could possibly be enough to warrant her death
One could ask? She would explain, as she contemplated her end,
That her mind’s walls began to finally crumble
And she was only suffering a worse and more unbearable pain
Than she had ever before from her subject, much to her confusion.
There was no way to deny the malignant effect it was having on her sanity.

“Why must you hurt me so?” she sobbed, clinging to the edge sanity
So full of desperation that she almost yearned for death
To end her ever growing, all consuming, unparalleled confusion.
“This is more than I can handle,” she admitted to herself as the end
Began to look more pleasant than suffering further pain
For her beloved subject. The last of her strength began to crumble.

Those around her could only watch as she began to crumble
Into a shell of the person she once was, losing more than sanity
To her once-beloved subject. Her friends cursed her pain.
She was longing for what others feared: her death.
As she came to the dregs of her strength and fought against an end,
Others could only watch with a sad sense of confusion.

There was nothing to end her and her friends’ confusion
As they watched a once strong young woman crumble
Into a bland copy of the person she was. It was her end.
She suffered losing more than her last strands of sanity.
Her beautiful, wondrous subject had brought her death
In exchange for her devotion. It repaid her love with pain.

What, you ask, caused so much confusion it stripped her of her sanity?
What could bring a bright youth to crumble so sharply she faced untimely death?
In the end, it was poetry that caused our young English Major unbearable pain.

.... he's totally gonna fail me, lmao!
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"A Sestina is a thirty-nine line song-like poem with a structure characterized by six six-line stanzas in which six end words are repeated in a consistent pattern followed by a three-line envoy in which all six end words appear again.

The traditional pattern for repeating end words is below (notice how the 6th, 5th, and 4th end words—F, E, and D—of the first stanza become the 1st, 3rd, and 5th end words of the next. This pattern is repeated from one stanza to the next):

1st stanza: ABCDEF

2nd stanza: FAEBDC

3rd stanza: CFDABE

4th stanza: ECBFAD

5th stanza: DEACFB

6th stanza: BDFECA

3-line envoy: include the six end words, usually two per line, in any order"

There is a reason that on the page for Sestina examples I went to, the paid advertising was for drug rehab centers... just saying.
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So, in Intercultural Communications I've got to do an assignment in which I watch a film and then the instructions exactly are:

"Select a feature-length film or several shorter films about a culture other than your own.
Preferably, the action of the film’s story should be set in that culture as well. Study the communication that occurs between the characters in the film and identify the effects of cultural patterns, perception, verbal codes, nonverbal codes, social episodes, and roles on interpersonal communication. In other words, you are to come up with a short description of the communication that occurs within that culture, but from the vantage point of your own cultural point of view."

And one of the things is 'avoid films you've seen before' and 'avoid 'major' films' aka, popular, blockbuster films. Also, they have to be ACCURATE to the culture portrayed (I sure hope I can recognize NOT accurate, or else I'm fucked!).

HOWEVER I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WATCH! I haven't looked up EVERY movie on the list, but a lot of these films seem very fucking boring. The list is full of movies I've never heard of and the few I have looked up appear to suck ass.

SO! Here's what I want from you guys! Suggest films to me! They need to portray a certain culture (It can be a period of time, an ethnic culture, ANY sort of interpretation of 'culture') and preferably be interesting enough I dont hate life. ALSO creativity is a bonus! Example of that is: My first assignment in that class was to talk about YOUR culture and rather than 'southern culture' or something like that, I wrote my paper about fandom culture and basically based the entire paper around Tumblr fandoms and things unique to each fandom. I legitimately worked Doctor Who into an actual facts paper for school and she LOVED IT!

**Note, at the moment, even though I HAVE seen it, I'm actually trying to find a way to work Paul into being my film of choice, but I dont think it'll work so PLEEZ TO BE GIVING SUGGESTIONS! (Paul is an accurate portrayal of sci-fi geek culture with TONS of subtle nuances to geek cultural icons, HOWEVER the action isn't exactly set in a way that makes it PART of the geek culture... also the film is ridiculously innapropriate so if the teacher goes and watches the films that she hasn't seen before and is mortified at my choice, I dont want that to reflect negatively on my grades. She seems like a very 'nice' lady and probably not one to appreciate all the profanity in that movie)

EDIT: Someone wanted the list and I thought 'well I should've done that already, huh?' so here it is:

Babette’s Feast (Danish)
The Barbarian Invasion (French Canadian)
Before the Rains (Asian Indian
Bella (Latino)
Beyond Rangoon (Burmese)
Blue Kite (Chinese)
Bread and Chocolate (Swiss, Italian)
Bride and Prejudice (Asian Indian)
Children of Heaven (Iranian)
Cinema Paradiso (Italian)
The Circle (Iranian)
City of God (Brazilian)
Crash (various U.S. American)
Cry, The Beloved Country (South African)
Daughter from Danang (Vietnamese
Eat Drink Man Woman (Chinese)
The Edge of America (Native American)
El Norte (Guatemalan, European American)
Eureka (Japanese)
Europa Europa (European)
The Gods Must be Crazy (Sho Bushman)
Good Bye Lenin (German)
A Great Wall (Chinese, Chinese-American)
Higher Learning (African American)
Il Postino (Italian)
Indochine (Vietnamese
The Joy Luck Club (Chinese, Chinese American)
King of Masks (Chinese)
The Kite Runner
Kundun (Tibetan)
The Last Emperor (Chinese
Like Water for Chocolate (Mexican)
Little Buddha (Tibetan)
To Live (Chinese)
The Makioka Sisters (Japanese)
Maria Full of Grace (Colombian)
Mediterraneo (Italian, Greek)
Mi Familia (Latino)
Mississippi Masala (African American, Indian American
Mongolian Ping Pong (Mongolian)
My Favorite Season (French)
My Life as a Dog (Swedish)
My Sassy Girl (Korean)
The Namesake
Offside (Iranian)
Picture Bride (Japanese)
Pushing Hands (Chinese, Chinese American)
Raise the Red Lantern (Chinese)
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker (Chinese)
The Road Home (Chinese)
The Scent of Green Papaya (Vietnamese)
Schindler’s List
Shall we Dance? (Japanese)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring (Korean)
The Story of Qui Ju (Chinese)
Tortilla Soup (Latino)
The Vertical Ray of the Sun (Vietnamese
A Walk in the Clouds (Latino)
Water (Asian Indian)
The Way Home (Korean)
Witness (Amish)

I've heard of a couple of them and I kind of want to watch Outsourced because it looked funny when I looked it up, but other ideas are welcome!
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As of November 11, 2012, I am going to host my masterlist here on DW to accomodate the growing list length. Also, I have reorganized! It is now organizsed by fandom, year, and alphabetical order respectively. No pairing sub-heading simply because I have too many multi-pairing fics for this to be useful. Word Counts are the one from Microsoft Word and may not match what is on the website.

Edit: as of 12/30/2012 this list is up to date. HOWEVER since the move, LJ has virtually stopped allowing me to post reliably so for the forseeable future, my fics will be hosted on AO3. I will have the links to them here. I will sometimes post notice posts on LJ if it will let me, but if you are curious as to where I went, my AO3 account is here.

EDIT: As of November 2013 I am NO LONGER UPDATING THIS LIST! I WILL be updating the 'word count goal' numbers, but I now exclusively post fics on AO3 so anything you're looking for that isn't on this list is HERE

Adam Lambert (glamily)

2010 )

2011 )

2012 )

White Picket Fence Pairing: Tommy Ratliff/ Marilyn Manson (Part 2 of Scenes from a Horror) Adam picks Tommy up from Manson's house and finds something he does not expect at all.

Not written by me, written by my friend Amber
Word Count= 617


Androgyny>Sexuality Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff/Andrej Pejic/Erika Linder Tommy gets handed the room key by a pair of androgynous models with only one request... that he bring Adam with him to join in.

Porn. Lots of porn.
Word Count= 5,845

Changes (But Not Really) Pairing: Neil Lambert/Tommy Ratliff When photos from when Tommy was a teenager emerge and he is outed as being transgender, the negative reactions from press and paparazzi alike are terrible.

However, sometimes a nightmare situation shows someone just how amazing the people who love them really are.
Word Count= 20,799

Not So Long Distance Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff Tommy hated his job. It wasn't hte worst job ever, but it was boring. However, when he noticed the man in the office across in the next building dancing, he found something to entertain himself with. When the man caught him watching, an apology via signs in the windows turned into a conversation that never seemed it would end.

...Until the day the man across the alley wasn't there anymore.
Word Count= 6,303

Our Time Is Now Pairing: Adam/Tommy When Tommy stumbles across a box of old pocket watches in a storage room, he and Adam discover something absolutely incredible. Dropped into memories of past lives with abruptly ended stories, Adam and Tommy are faced with the revelation of a lifetime. Word Count= 17,316

The Summer of '64 Pairing: Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff From the minute he was born, Life was never very easy for Tommy Joe Ratliff.

Born one rainy night in a train station bathroom to a drifter full of whiskey and empty of caring, abandoned to die in a pile of dirty rags by the train platform, from his very first breath Tommy Joe Ratliff was full of fight. After being found by a young black woman and her daughter when they arrived to pick up her husband returning from the war, Tommy’s fight stopped being for himself alone.

It was a heavy dose of that very same fight that brought Tommy to him the summer of ‘64. That summer the world changed, but for Tommy…

The biggest change ever came the day he met Adam Lambert.
Word count= 43,222


2012 )

Little Princess Pairing: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, background Clint Barton/Phil Coulson Bruce had been finally settled in and living comfortably with Tony and the other members of their team when the comfortable life he was just settling into was turned upside down in one visit from Coulson.

The news that Betty Ross had been killed in a car accident was terrible.

The news that he was being given custody of their daughter he didn't know existed was lifechanging.
Word Count= 32,792

Mood Music Pairing: mostly gen, Loki/Tony Stark, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson Tony Stark finds great pleasure in making cracks at his friends' musical tastes.

In which Loki is a brooding teenager, Clint refuses to be ashamed of his musical tastes, Phil and Steve have oddly similar tastes in music, and Tony gets his comeuppance for his teasing ways.
Word Count= 4,319

Never Too Broken Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson Phil Coulson had been working with Clint for fifteen years when he died.

Phil Coulson had been in a relationship with Clint for twelve years when he died.

Phil Coulson had been married to Clint for nine years when he died.

But Phil had only been dead for three months when an incompetent handler meant breaking the promise Clint had made to him all those years ago.
Word Count= 24,525

Next To Normal Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson Phil Coulson's baby sister is getting married. He finally has enough of a break to actually go to a family event for once in the last four years. However, his family is under the assumption that Phil has a committed, loving relationship with a man he works with. No matter what lies he tries to tell about how 'busy' his partner is, nobody is buying it. The only way Phil canp rove to them that he isn't sad and single is to bring his partner along for the wedding.

... the partner that doesn't actually exist.

When the times comes, Phil has to find someone to pretend to be his partner convincingly. Working at SHIELD doesn't exactly offer the most choice for someone to convincingly sell a relationship to his family with. When Phil is faced with only one option, he finds himself in a situation he wanted to avoid at all costs: falsifying a relationship with the one man he actually has been hiding his feelings for at work for years.
Word Count= 21,452

Tattoos Pairing: Science Boyfriends, Phil Coulson/Clint Barton Nobody figured Coulson for one to have tattoos.

(Or, the random little ficlet- it's not even a fic- about the team's opinions on everybody's tattoos)
Word Count= 2456

The Request Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark In his life, Tony Stark had faced many shocks. Being kidnapped, discovering his lifelong friend was dealing under the table to terrorists, and suddenly finding himself a superhero was a pretty good start. Becoming friends with a man more brilliant than himself (who happened to have a nasty Jekyll and Hyde side), being teamed up with the same super soldier his father spoke of when he was a child, getting involved in the workings of a super-secret spy organization, and saving the world from a god with the help of another god were all pretty high on the ‘shock’ list. Even more shocking, the ‘evil’ god that tried to take over the world turning out to not be so evil, joining the good side to redeem himself, and somehow ending up in an entirely stable relationship with said god took the cake.

But just when Tony thought it was impossible to be shocked anymore, Loki corrected him of that theory with less than ten words.

“What are your thoughts on children?”
Word Count= 8250

Underneath Pairing: Science Boyfriends Tony has always been a drinker. It's never been a real problem, Bruce knows, but it doesn't stop him from hating the fact that Tony seems to never stop drinking. Word Count= 9957


2007 )

2008 )

2009 )

2010 )

2011 )

2012 )

Merlin (BBC)


Secrets Revealed Pairing: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon After all the years spent together, after all the times Merlin had saved Arthur’s life, after so many close calls, he never expected to have his magic revealed in such an obvious and dramatic encounter. Word Count= 12,024

Sherlock (BBC)


Beginning To End Pairing: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade (Part 4 of Fire and Ice series) When a spree of suspicious murders begins to develop a rather personal pattern, Lestrade must find out how to catch a killer before his family and friends pay the ultimate price. When in the course of his investigation he discovers a secret Mycroft has been keeping, how will it effect his investigation and their marriage? Word Count= 18,533

Dark Against Light Pairing: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade (Sequel to Fire Against Ice) (immediately follows Fire Against Ice)

Lestrade felt more contempt for the world at large since Sherlock’s death. He had spent most of his time with Mycroft who- other than his one day of mourning- jumped straight back to work. He was still in mourning, Lestrade could tell just looking at him, but his work was clearly impossible to put off. He didn’t understand half of the things Mycroft said as he phoned and video-conferenced with people all hours of the day and night. He always sat in the room with Mycroft unless explicitly told ‘I’m sorry but this is very confidential work, my dear’. Mycroft needed him and he wanted to be there for him...

Until Mycroft asks a question he never expected to hear.
Word Count= 8,675

Fire Against Ice Pairing: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson Greg Lestrade knew Sherlock Holmes had an older brother from the beginning. He had warned Lestrade he might be kidnapped by his older brother, a man with a minor position in the government, just to be nosy. Lestrade had actually been curious about what this mysterious brother could be like, so he was admittedly disappointed when he was never kidnapped but rather found himself receiving emails from a classified source every so often instead.

It wasn’t until years later that he finally met the mysterious older brother.
Word Count= 19,384

Home Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson John is still unused to Sherlock being home. When he wakes up to the sounds of Sherlock having a nightmare, even his anger at Sherlock isn't enough to keep him from helping someone having a nightmare. When they're forced to face the reality of what had happened eleven months ago and what Sherlock had done to both of them, John reveals a dark secret that even Sherlock could have never guessed. Word Count= 3,638

Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All Pairing: Past Sherlock/Loki (Crossover with Avengers and Merlin that is SUPER DUPER CRACK!) RIDICULOUS crack in which John comes home to find Sherlock arguing with a man in a strange costume who claims to be a god named Loki, whose purpose there is to bring Sherlock's son, Merlin, to stay with him. EXTREMELY ridiculous. You've been warned. Word Count= 1,605

The Third Holmes Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson After Sherlock's death, John was an empty shell. He felt like he was simply existing. Until the day, a few months after Sherlock's death, that Mycroft asks something of John that John had never expected. Faced with caring for the teenaged son John didn't know Sherlock even had, John is tested beyond his wildest dreams as he is forced to learn to be a parent. Just when everything seems well and John and the boy he considers his own child have settled into a happy life, everything is turned upside down by the arrival of someone John never expected to ever see again. Word Count= 30,266

Wrong and Right Pairing: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (Part 3 of Fire and Ice series) As a newly married Lestrade heads back to work after his suspension to a better office, a new team, and a new outlook on his career and his life, his husband's life isn't quite as uncomplicated. While Mycroft deals with the knowledge he now posesses that his brother is alive, and keeps the knowledge from his husband, Lestrade continues on with business as usual. When an unknown gunman opens fire on Lestrade's crimescene, Sherlock finally explains to Mycroft that he is after assassins intent on killing the people Sherlock cares about most.

Unfortunately, his news comes just a little too late for one of the parties involved.
Word Count= 11,324


We're All A Little Mad Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson The last thing John expected when he got home from a long day at the surgery was for Sherlock to spring out of seemingly nowhere and drop onto the couch beside him just as he’d kicked off his shoes and announce, “Right, I’ve done some research and I believe we should be married."

John and Sherlock weren't even dating when Sherlock began listing reasons they should marry. At first, John thought he was completely out of his mind. However, after a failed date with the perfect woman, John is forced to realize that maybe Sherlock isn't so far off base after all.
Word count= 28,844

Teen Wolf

2013 )
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I'm getting sick of fics being rated wrong. I'm not PERSONALLY offended, but there are some people who DONT want to read certain things in certain situations and ratings say a lot (ie, I doubt any of us want to read NC-17 smut while sitting across from a table full of 4 year olds in public).

I have seen SO many fics rated PG-13 that were chock full of sex (some that even have 'smut' and 'porn without plot' as their tags!) and then today I hit the straw that broke the camels back and left me PISSED OFF! I saw a fic that was rated G and warned for suicide and major character death...


So, in case somebody needs help, I'll give a brief summary of what SHOULD be rated appropriately:

G: This generally mean NO cursing, NO serious/dark themes, and NO sexual content of ANY SORT. Probably not even innuendo. Pretty much G-rated is only appropriate for fluffy happy innocent fic.

PG: PG would encompass VERY minor cursing, minor innuendo/suggestive content, crude humor, maybe a little 'harsher' content (ie, arguments that dont involve violence) than G. STILL no dark themes and/or sexual content.

PG-13/Teen and Up: This is where you get moderate cursing, actual innuendo/suggestive content/crude humor, action-related violence, mentioned sexual content (ie: talking about all the sex they had last week) and/or implied sexual content (off-screen sex). Light/suggested drug use. STILL no dark themes/heavy cursing.

R/Mature: Here is where you get heavy cursing (LOTS OF FUCKS basically), derogatory language (racial slurts, homophobic content, ect), non-descriptive sexual content (very vague sex, kinda like the flowery language but not detailed kind), dark themes such as (non-graphic)sexual abuse, physical abuse, graphic violence, MENTIONS of past sexual/physical abuse, suicide, attempted suicide, contemplation of suicide, and character death OF ANY KIND. Heavy drug use/addiction. You DO NOT rate a fic that includes any of these dark themes BELOW R/Mature even if they have ZERO anything else.

NC-17/Explicit: ANY graphic sexual content, descriptive sexual content, ect should be rated NC-17/Explicit (or whatever the hell the highest rating on the site is). No this isn't a 'that's making sex more taboo than suicide!' thing, it's just a matter of the word EXPLICIT. Generally, R/Mature and NC-17/Explicit aren't on different levels of extreme, it's just more of an indicator of what KIND of extreme. It's basically like R/Mature+ descriptive sex= NC-17/Explicit. It's mainly an indicator for those who dont want to read sex in the middle of a crowded public place or something, you know?

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Title:Learning Curve
Author: [personal profile] heartsdesire456
Rating: Hard R (non-explicit sexual content; dark themes/past abuse)
POV: 3rd
Pairing: Science Boyfriends (Tony Stark/Bruce Banner; Avengers)
Summary: After five months of no word, Bruce Banner shows up at Stark Tower hoping to get a little time in Tony's lab to work on an experiment. However, what he finds at the tower is a lot more than an empty work bench. After weeks of living in the same building as Tony, more than science happens between them. Although, love is often described as a chemical reaction.
Disclaimer: "-Fic.tion: [noun] something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story"
Author's Note: THIS is the Science Boyfriends I've WANTED to write for a good long while. However, you may notice a few loose ends left dangling! This fic is meant to have a sequel that shall hopefully be posted in the near future. However, it is entirely a story on it's own, no cliffhanger endings or anything that would make it unpleasant of a story on it's own.

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Part 2
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My RL friends and one online friend and I are already planning a trip to Dragon*Con 2013 when Dragon*Con 2012 isn't even over yet! lmao.

We also have a group Cosplay idea. It was 'Dr. Who Characters' but now we're thinking Dr. Who Companions. [profile] breathedeep222 as River Song, my friend Alex as Donna Noble, and I as Sarah Jane Smith. The only thing is, my friend Courtney wants to be Idris so maybe not Companions, lol.

Hey, we may be crazy and probably wont (all) end up going, but I WILL KIDNAP AMBER IF I HAVE TO!!! lol

In other news! I was thinking how I sometimes feel bad I never pursued theatre after high school. I never did get a chance to play a serious character. The only character I had a chance to play that had some SERIOUSNESS was for a play we ended up cancelling.

I was cast as Miss Willie in Curious Savage. If you don't know, Curious Savage is a really good dark humor kind of. It's about this woman named Mrs. Savage whose late husband left her $10million and her stepkids put her in a mental health home after having her 'deemed disturbed' in hopes they can get the money, but it's in bonds that are gone missing. LONG STORY SHORT, the people there are all mentally disturbed for various reasons. The saddest ones are Florence, a woman who carries around a babydoll and thinks it's her son when in reality, her son died and that's WHY she went crazy; and Jeff, a fighter pilot shot down in the war who believes that he has a scar on his face, which he constantly hides from others. He plays the piano, but is too shy to do so around other people. He tells everybody his wife is coming to visit him and how he misses her so much and shit liek that.

Then I played Miss Willie, a nurse there. She shows extra attention to Jeff (fixes his die, does his tea how he likes it, coddles him sort of) and he gets annoyed every time and waves her off and goes 'don't do that, my wife will be angry when she comes!'...

Near the end, one of the stepsons hits Jeff and Miss Willie goes NUTS and basically beats him off of Jeff and then afterwards, when they're alone, Mrs. Savage asks why she reacted like that and she tells the truth. She is Jeff's wife. He doesn't remember who she is, his crash caused a mental break (he isn't scarred, he just thinks he is) and he doesn't remember she's his wife. He knows he has a wife, and he knows he misses her, but he doesn't realize Miss Willie is his wife but she's worked there every single day since he got committed so she can take care of him because she loves him too much to trust other people to do so, even if it breaks her heart every time he mentions his wife and doesnt know it's HER.

I WANTED THAT PART SO BAD! I never got to BE a serious character, I always did wacky comedies, with pratfalls and one-liners, and I liked those too, but because I gave up theater after high school, I never got my serious character. I wanted to show emotional depth in acting, I wanted to be Miss Willie and make people CRY but I never got to.
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Title:Beyond Belief
Author: [personal profile] heartsdesire456
Rating: NC-17
POV: 3rd
Pairing: Travis McCoy/Andrej Pejic (... I know, I know)
Summary: When a chance meeting in the park introduces Travis to possibly the most beautiful person he's ever met, Travis couldn't resist trying to get to know the beautiful yet mysterious blond model who would end up turning his world upside down.
Disclaimer: "-Fic.tion: [noun] something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story"
Author's Note: ... I don't even know. This is the most RANDOM thing EVER. I have NO idea what happened here. NO idea where this pairing came from either. This is just... sort of a fluffy feelgood fic in which Andrej and Travis hit it off and begin a relationship.

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